Using RunnerUpLive in 2020

Yesterday a friend of mine ran a race, which reminded me of the patching I did right before running my first and only organized half-marathon a couple of years ago.

When running a race, one might want to allow friends and family to see ones progress in realtime on a map. There are of course a zillion services offering that functionality. I wanted to self-host some open source software solution and went for using runnerup on an android phone, in combination with RunnerUpLive on a web server.

If I recall correctly, there are a couple of independent implementations for the server software. The one I selected is written in PHP, and is unfortunately not superactively maintained. The upstream code does no longer work unless making a few updates to it. The modification required to get it working is available at Make sure to use the branch fix/openlayers.

It seems the upstream project is truly abandoned, with no maintainer feedback on the related issues or pull request for over two years. It is unlikely I will ever use RunnerUpLive again, simply because running competitive was something of a bucket-list tick for me. Normally I exercise only to keep healthy. Hence I am not the right person to fork this project and become a new maintainer, but encourage anyone with such ambitions who happen to stumble upon this post to do so. Please feel free to contact me.

And yes, I've verified the patched version still works in 2020.

2020-07-19 21:59:41 +0000
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