Calling Rust code on Android

Roughly a year ago I held a small presentation at our local Rust group's hacknight on the topic of calling a Rust function from inside an android java application. At the time I had no appropriate place to host the slides, but now there is this blog. So better late than never, you can find my slides published below.

As can be easily understood, one might learn a lot more on the topic if following the links0, 1 on the second page of the slides. My talk essentially only covered what I had learnt from those sources, and exemplified it by showing a minimal hello world style example.

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No recording was done of this talk, and clearly it might be tricky to gain full understanding from merely what's published here. To be honest, since this was my first attempt at ever holding a presentation outside of education or work, it's quite likely few people in the audience learned much from it. Yet it was well recieved and met with curious interest.

Source code from the slides can also be found at:

2020-03-22 17:57:18 +0000
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