Filing Swedish taxes in 2022

It is tax season. One could think that filing taxes would be possible to do online in the year of 2022, but in Sweden the most practical way to do it is still by filling in paper forms, and queuing in line to hand them in at the tax office.

Fellow citizens of this kingdom may object, and state that filing taxes is trivially done from any cell phone. Sure a SMS text message is all that is needed, as long as everything is pre-populated from employers, banks and the like. Once something needs to be added though, it becomes a different story.

In order to keep this short, I will not get into the situation of why authentication towards governmental services using any kind of Electronic identification is practically impossible to rely upon for anything time sensitive enough to have a dead-line of any kind. That might possibly be a topic for some future post, if I ever find the energy to write the essay required for that mess.

There is now a git repository containing my scripts for going through the process, and for populating some tax forms, on the odd chance that it might inspire anyone else having to deal with dinosaurs.

2022-05-01 15:35:51 +0000
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